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Quest Green (marriage & family coach)

 Wake up and love is a revolutionary movement for Love and Relationships. There are so many elements present in any given meeting. There is Support, Friendship, Education, Accountability and  Fun just to name a few. Wake up and love is an excellent way for couples to grow closer and build lasting relationships through rich information.

Courtney Porter LCSW

 It was a blessing to be a part of the conversation of understanding ourselves in relationships and being clear on understanding how to communicate and love our partners better as well. I like how interactive it is and how questions can be addressed on the spot instead of waiting for an answer. This is a new approach for relationship development and communication and I love what both of them are doing to restore back healthy communication and love in relationships. Keep up the great work guys. 

Dr. Canary  Psychiatrist & Certified Sex Therapist

I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions hosting with wakeupanlove. It's beautiful to see two black men creating a safe place for other individuals to be vulnerable,learn from one another and receive advice from professionals. This is an atmosphere where people are encouraged to talk openly about hopes, past trauma, aspirations for new relationships etc. Wakeupanlove is a Gem!

Hasani Pettiford Infidelity Recovery Specialist 

 Wakeupanlove is a very necessary and long-awaited platform for people who need REAL ANSWERS for life’s challenges. Whether you’re single, dating, in a committed courtship or married, Wakeupanlove provides expert advice on all things concerning relationships. If you’re not a member you’re doing your life and relationship a disservice. 


Sierra Hillsman , LPC 

Sure! The Wake Up An Love community is uniquely compromised of individuals committed to the journey of learning to heal, grow, and master their connections with self and others. The framework is engaging and the environment is safe. 

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